Monday, 21 October 2013

Intent, decay and a murmuring purple. Purple, grey and black on white, Oct 2013. Acrylic on canvas 30 cm x 40 cm

Keeping to a format and a formula sometimes gets unexpected results. This canvas has been completely reworked about five times. I would leave this little work alone for a few days, but then have to return to it as I still was unhappy with its presence. It had a large white area for a long while, but it simply didn't make enough "noise" that way. There needed to be a communication happening, a relationship I could feel was worthwhile showing. The purple arrived first, and as I decided on its partners, it struck me that a combination of grey and black would lift the murky purple to an elevated post. I deviated from earlier handling by treating the black and grey more loosely, less flat. This created a certain tension. The mixing of black and white resembled a process of decay. The grey then looked more defined and this also resulted in a more coherent relationship to the murmuring purple.

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