Saturday, 25 January 2014

Neutrality and Narrative. White and Buff White Painting, Jan 2014 Acrylics on canvas 46 cm x 61 cm

In a dark room it takes a little while for the eyes to adjust themselves to the surroundings. Once we start to discern shapes and spaces we realize how different everything looks in the dark. We might even be in a familiar room, yet what we see has an unfamiliar character to it. Colour has all but disappeared, shapes are vague at best. The longer we look the more we make out, though. Our eyes adjust. Images, shapes and spaces slowly appear. The more I consider abstraction within a narrow band of shapes, the more can I seem to find different narratives where there previously appeared to be none. The excitement of walking past a brick wall, or a metal door is a new discovery. In this painting, again an old work became the ground for a combination of neutral colours, normal white and buff white.

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