Monday, 18 November 2013

Bands, lines and stripes. Greys, Nov 2013. Mixed media on canvas, 49.5 cm x 49.5 cm

Luminosity and intensity is often associated with bright colours. I sometimes work towards a muted intensity, where quiet hues or murky combinations does all the running. Buff white is a new discovery for me and one that has appeared more and more in recent work. An impure character, buff white has a tremendous ability to corrupt most other colours it comes in contact with. Having toiled with a horrendous commission using paint brushes, this work, "Greys" burst forth with unusual rapidity. Scrapers were used to push the paint around and a tiny amount of sand-fragments still lodged on the surface from an earlier work made for a worn impression. Again bands, or stripes or even lines, call them what you want, carries the anonymous composition.

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